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Finalist smart people award

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This year the Royal Metaalunie awarded the Smart people award.  Yearly the Metaalunie hands out an award to the member who distinguishes himself in a certain theme. This year that theme was ‘smart people’ an award for companies that invest more in their human capital. After being presented with the title of ‘winner district east’, Dynobend was present on the 5th of November 2015 at the national finals of the Smart People Award.

Smart People Award

Good professionals are a invaluable link in the transition to the future where the SMEs, using the latest technologies, are forced to produce smarter and faster. The technology makes it possible; the people do it. Next to job specific knowledge this asks for characteristics such as flexibility, creativity and the constant drive to stay up to date through schooling. These same professionals must be able to work longer and healthier. All these developments ensure that people are the main subject in companies. Because no matter how drastic robotization, 3D-printing, sensoring and sorts will be for the SMEs metal , without human input no company will progress.

Dynobend: District winner east!

After an extensive nomination period consisting of a screening and interviews with different employees, Dynobend can call itself the proud winner of district east. ‘We are proud because we believe in our strengths. Technology is our driving force, not the marketing. People themselves see that is works. At Dynobend a person is valued en centralized in a dynamic high tech environment. What more could a person wish for!’. With this victory in hand, Dynobend aims for a national triumph on Thursday the 5th of November 2015 in Nieuwegein.

Dynobend finalist

During the mini congress in Nieuwegein the 9 district winners were presented with their awards. After a 3 minute long pitch Dynobend could proudly call itself one of the finalists. This could not be achieved without the Dynobend S.M.A.R.T. core competences, which we use to combine our human capital with technology.

  • (S)Co-operation
  • Mastery
  • Ambition
  • Results
  • Talent

Underneath you can find the video that has supported Dynobends final nomination.

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