Combi bending machine for bending and rolling of tube and profile

This servo-controlled, all-electric rotary-draw and freeform bending machine for bending (cold forming) and rolling of tubes and profiles, offers through its unique design an extremely large room of freedom around the bending head. With the patented vertical clamping system, even complex geometries are made easily on this machine. Rotary-draw and freeform bending tasks can be combined in one tool. Established in single and serial production in various industries this machine meets the most diverse requirements of our customers.

This Dynobend CB iBend combi machine is suitable for bending with or without a mandrel. In addition to this capability (bending with or without a mandrel), it is optionally also possible to provide the mandrels with a lubrication channel.

Your advantages

  • All-electric drive
  • Simple tool set-up = short setup times
  • Greater space around the bending head
  • Patented vertical tool system
  • Combination of rotary-draw and freeform bending in one tool possible
  • Ergonomic loading
  • Unique machine design
  • Compact construction with integrated cabinet
  • User-friendly input via color touch screen and keyboard
  • Suitable for cell production