Model Capacity steel S235JR (400N/mm²)
CB12 iBend 12 x 1,5
CB25 iBend 25 x 2
CB40 iBend 40 x 3
CB60 iBend (VZB) 62 x 5
CB76 iBend (VZB) 76 x 3
CB90 iBend VZB 90 x 5
CB125 iBend VZB 125 x 8

For all models in the CB series machine, the following specifications apply:

The machine has standard:

  • Servo-driven bending head (c-axis)
  • Servo-driven longitudinal transport by means of ball screw (y-axis)
  • Servo-driven bend die up and down opening (u)
  • Servo-driven clamping of bend die (k)
  • Servo-driven retainer (g-axis)
  • Servo-driven spatial rotation clamping jaw (b-axis)
  • Servo-driven mandrel withdrawal (d-axis)
  • Clamping jaw holder (s-axis)
  • Wiper die preparation

 The software of the machine has standard:

  • Programmable longitudinal displacements
  • Programmable bending angles
  • Programmable speeds
  • Programmable rotation angles
  • Programmable mandrel withdrawal
  • PC controller with EtherCAT system
  • Hard disk for the storage for over 10.000 bending programs
  • Automatic calculation of the spring back correction and/or radius table
  • Online service preperation with Netop (Team Viewer optional)
  • Network connection for Windows and Linux
  • Freestanding mobile operating console with color touch screen