Twin head rotary bending machine

The servo-controlled, all-electric rotary-draw and freeform bending machine is ideal for high-quality bending and cold forming of tubes and profiles. This highly precise bending machine, bends your products left and right in one cycle. This is achieved through a around the product rotating bending head. Highest dynamics and precision ensure high process reliability and repeatability for complex products. The corresponding tool placement area, offers the user a variety of applications. Therefore, this machine sets new standards in various industries; whether as stand-alone machine or as a centrepiece in complex production cells.

This Dynobend Elite Twin head rotary bending machine is suitable for bending with or without a mandrel. In addition to this capability (bending with or without a mandrel), it is optionally also possible to provide the mandrels with a lubrication channel.

Your advantages

  • All-electric drive
  • Left and Right bending in one cycle
  • Wide freedom in bending of different angles
  • Complex geometries possible
  • Ergonomic loading
  • Unique machine design
  • Compact construction with integrated cabinet
  • User-friendly input via color touch screen and keyboard
  • Suitable for cell production