Profile Bending Machine

Dynobend has been supplying the market with Profile bending machines for nearly twenty years. The profile bending machines were developed to bend a wide range of profiles (IPE, INP, HE).

This type of arching is done in a unique way:  The central positioned cylinder presses the profile, which is locked into position by pins, into the desired shape.  The lateral cylinders ensure that the lower flange remains in place and even makes it possible to direct the profiles.  Dynobend® has hereby developed a unique bending principle, which has been tried and tested through years of experience.

Thanks to vertical bending, the inherent weight of the profile has no effect on the desired arch, after all, this can be compensated directly. The machines are compact, so they take up very little space on the production floor. And when you do not need them, they can easily be moved into a corner of the production space using a gantry crane or forklift.

The most recent development in these machines is the dual running speed. The operating speed and high-speed settings now help you speed up your work operation even more. The high-speed mode can be used if the load is not too big. The machine designs ensure minimum investment in service and maintenance. The machines are easy to use, which means your operators can learn to operate them fast.