Freeform bending machine

The patented freeform bending concept of this all-electric machine makes them a unique in their field. The three-dimensional controlled bending arm, determines the shape of your products, which can be produced repeatable as well as torsion and tension free. This machine meets the most diverse requirements of our customers, wherever design plays a major role, but also in single and serial production of various industries.

This Dynobend VB Freeform bending machine is suitable for bending with or without a mandrel. In addition to this capability (bending with or without a mandrel), it is optionally also possible to provide the mandrels with a lubrication channel.

Your advantages

  • All-electric drive
  • Patented freeform bending system
  • Repeatable, torsion and tension free bending
  • Left right bending in one cycle standard
  • Optimal among others for spirals
  • Ergonomic loading
  • Ability to produce with endless tubes
  • Unique machine design
  • Compact construction with integrated cabinet
  • User-friendly input via color touch screen and keyboard
  • Suitable for cell production