As expansions on our bending machines we offer a wide range of options, which can be both automatically integrated or operated as separate units.

Punching or drilling unit

Depending on the product, it may be necessary to incorporate holes in the to be machined workpieces. This may be drilled or punched on one side or straight through, depending on the output tube.


Weld seam detection

For a correct positioning of the tube on the bending machine. The weld seam detection can be integrated in the bending machine, or on the materials storage.

Material storage

Dynobend offers different solutions for the stockpiling of materials. Among other paternoster systems for magazines to 6.000mm or by bundle storage  systems up to 15.000mm.








Delivery and collection system

Delivery and collection systems allow unmanned operation of the bending machine. When loading at the front and the back of the bending head bending with a mandrel is possible. When continuously loading form the back bending with a mandrel is not possible. Customer/specific systems can be built as well, hereby integration of a robot arm is also possible.



Sawing or cutting unit

Sawing and/or cutting (incl. De-burring) and stretching, gives you the opportunity to use smaller tube diameters from coil. Within the heating and/or cooling industry this is an interesting option.

Measuring systems

Connections with the usual available market systems are possible. An exact estimation can only be made after a compatibility check of the software data.