Bending tools

Dynobend designs and produces bending tools for various applications and materials applied to machines of our own program. The tool design is dependent on the specific bending task and structure of the bending machine.


Bend die

The bend die is the central element of the bending tool. It determines the bending radius. By rotating the bend die around the bending axle the tube/profile is bent according to the radius of the bend die. Bend dies are made with the patented Dynobend vertical clamping system with integrated clamping section or with a horizontal clamping system.

The vertical clamping of the bending die, in combination with the independent rotational movement ensure the clamping during bending. Because the clamping cylinder is fully integrated in the bending head, it provides a lot of free space for the bending for a wide range of products. The separated bend die, the large vertical movement and the counter die with a large reach ensure that the products are completely free of bending block. This reduces the chance of damaging the tube during the processing cycle. It also prevents jamming of the material in the bending block.

Driven rolls

The rolls ensure that we can choose almost an unlimited combination of different radii for each product. The front roll is programmable for the production of the larger (free) radii. This makes it possible to bend many different products. The machine control gives you several possibilities for very accurate rolling of both tube and solid products. This secures that bended shapes with different radii per product, can be produced in an easy way, in which the accuracy for reproducing with homogeneous material is very high.


The retainer absorbs the lateral forces generated during the bending process. In this case the straight part of the bent tube is supported on the outer side.


The mandrel supports the tube/profile during the bending process from the inside, and prevents ovality and collapsing of the tube. Mandrels are produced in different varieties depending on the application, for example:

  • Fixed mandrel
  • Plug mandrel
  • Ball mandrel
  • Pitch mandrel
  • Special bending mandrel


The wiper die consists of holder and a wear part. It prevents the forming of wrinkles in the inner arc region during the bending process by limiting the space, on the inside of the mold, where wrinkles can emerge.

Clamping jaw

The clamping jaw is used for the positioning of tube/profile on the carriage. Dynobend machines can boost the material in the forming region because of their added booster power.