Measurement Machine

A quality guarantee system and production means.
The combination of an accurate measurement arm and excellent software ensures you a speedy return on investment. In most instances extended programming and test bending are not necessary.

In the case of 2D models you measure two points per straight section of the bent product. This enables the software to fully map out the product and to print out a measurement report. The data can then be sent to the bending machine, after which the measured product can be bent.
Deviations discovered during the bending operation can be corrected automatically.

In the case of 3D models with twisted bends and tapered radii, the product is measured by dragging the probe over the product. The software will then convert the data to measurements that can be read and understood by man and machine.

In the standard configuration the measurement arm is mounted on a stable worktable, which is mounted on a cabinet. The cabinet can be used to store simple aids and probes.