Cold shaping of plastic ship windows

Plastic profiles are applied all over the world in every branch. The solutions will go beyond your imagination. Lightweight and looks are the keywords. With plastic profiles both wishes can be fulfilled. Plastics have a low weight and can be covered with coating- or hot stamping foils which can be shaped in one production cycle.

The alternative and quick production method for cold shaping of the plastic profiles and tubes. Next to a financial advantage there is also a noticeable speed gain in comparison to traditional solutions such as extrusion and hydro forming and easily implemented in your own production environment.

Dynobend has recently gained experience as result of the research and realization of a cold plastic profile shaping solution, resulting in the achievement of considerable production savings. It strength is the simplicity where the cold shaping with a high optical quality and the possibility of rolling and bending (small and big radii) know no bounds.

The technical advantages are: weight reduction, corrosion resistance, outstanding insulation properties and the overwhelming diversity of construction- and design possibilities in comparison to other materials. Based upon these advantages the turn-key solution has proven itself in the ship building industry and is very well applicable in the caravan, camper and automotive industry.

This is just an example of the great diversity of Dynobends’ client specific high standard industrial solutions.

Project: bending of plastic profiles without heating

Branch: ship building

Period: 2012 – 2013

Typology: research & realization

Machine configuration:

DYNOBEND® CB40-P: Profile bending machine

  • Bending and rolling of plastic profiles
  • Tools: a disk set which bends the inside and outside profile simultaneously in one construction