Dynobend bends for King Abdulaziz

Every tube surrounding the King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture in Dharan Saudi-Arabia is as unique as the Dynobend machines which created and measured them. The absolute showpiece of Dynobend’s portfolio.

It is a marvelous building project, covered with 3D rolled, round and flat oval tubes with a total length of 365 kilometer, where each length of 6 meters has an unique geometry. A feat of architecture on an extremely high level. This entire tube circus, with which the five buildings have been built, was bent on 2 bending machines that were built and developed here at Dynobend. Each individual bending machine is connected with a, by Dynobend developed, measurement system for 6 meter products, consequently the complete system is self learning and correcting in favor of maximum efficiency and control. All products have been produced in Europe after which the ready products were transported per ship to Saudi Arabia. Corrections on location are not possible therefore the products must be produced with 100% certainty with a total waste of just 0,5%.

Project:  King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture

Branch:  Architecture & interior

Period: 2007-2015

Typology: Cultural Centre

Scale: 100,000 m², 365 Km tube / flat oval

Machine Configuration:

DYNOBEND® CB90: Combi Bending Machine

  • Rolling of 6 meter tube in every desired geometry
  • Tools: rolling with master plate

DYNOBEND® VB90: Free Form Machine

  • Rolling of 6 meter flat oval tube in every desired geometry
  • Separately controlled rolling heads with variable roll distances
  • Rolling with mandrel causing the flat oval tube to be enclosed on the inside and outside during the whole process
  • Especially for this application developed process technology and tools

DYNOBEND® MS6000: Measuring installation up to 6 meter tube

  • Measuring range of L: 6000mm x B: 2500mm x H: 1500mm
  • Correction method where the installation guards an corrects the entire process in a self learning way.
  • Physical measurement of round as well as flat oval tubes


  • Marking unit to apply marks for attachment points, saw lines, centreline and barcode for unique identification on round and flat oval tubes.
  • 3D custom software were products can be prepared offline incl. simulation and validation.